Versatility is the word that best describes the Dream series. The balance between comfort, resistance, functionality and style, offers Dream the possibility to adapt to all types of environment: visit, community, office, home or contract.

Malla Rojo Oscuro

Dark red mesh

Malla Beige

Beige mesh

Malla Turquesa

Turquoise mesh

Malla Azul

Blue mesh

Malla Blanca

White mesh

Malla Gris

Grey mesh

Malla Negra

Black mesh

Malla Roja

Red mesh

Metal Gris

Grey metal

Metal Negro

Black metal

Pp Azul

Blue PP

Pp Blanco

White PP

Pp Gris Claro

Light grey PP

Pp Negro

Black PP

Pp Rojo

Red PP


Crystal Fabric

Tela Basic Grupo

Fabric Basic

Tela Cagli Grupo

Fabric Cagli

Tela Extreme Grupo

Fabric Extreme

Tela Nappel Grupo

Fabric nappel

Tela Odyssey Grupo

Fabric odyssey

Tela One Grupo

Fabric One

Tela Piel Grupo 1

Fabric Leather

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