Kesta offers a complete catalogue of meeting tables. Quality tables with melamine tops 25 mm thick and 2mm PVC edges. We have 3 table geometries: Round, square and oval. In addition to two types of structure, one melamine and the other metallic.

Melamina Aluminio (69)

Melamine Aluminium

Melamina Azul (70)

Blue melamine

Melamina Blanca (68)

White melamine

Melamina Castaño (53) 1

Brown melamine

Melamina Grafito (62)

Graphite melamine

Melamina Gris (61) (1)

Grey melamine

Melamina Haya (52)

Beech melamine

Melamina Peral (54)

Pearwood melamine

Melamina Roble (60)

Oak melamine

Metal Gris

Grey metal

Metal Grafito

Graphite metal

Metal Blanco

White metal

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