Alba is a simple chair, free of the superfluous and making versatility its winning characteristic. This chair is designed to offer maximum customisation of components, finishes and colours. Ideal for meeting rooms, waiting rooms, conference rooms, offices and multi-purpose rooms.

Metal Gris

Grey metal

Metal Negro

Black metal

Metal Blanco

White metal

Alba Berenjena

Berenice Alba

Alba Azul

Alba Blue

Alba Blanco

White Alba

Alba Gris

Alba Grey

Alba Negro

Black Alba


Crystal Fabric

Tela Basic Grupo

Fabric Basic

Tela Cagli Grupo

Fabric Cagli

Tela Extreme Grupo

Fabric Extreme

Tela Nappel Grupo

Fabric nappel

Tela Odyssey Grupo

Fabric odyssey

Tela One Grupo

Fabric One

Tela Piel Grupo 1

Fabric Leather

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