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During the year 2008, there has been consolidated the creation of the department of I+D+i, it was begun by the reestiling of the old series from KESTA and was continued by the development of new catalogues and new web page.

Nowadays we have two projects in SOMOMAR for the development of chairs.

Mission Has two slopes in action, one is it of giving an Internal Service to the rest of departments, programs and management team across a technical advice and offers of innovation and development; and other one, of Foreign Projection in the promotion of the corporate image.

General objetives

To promote the innovation and the development of the Products that has nowadays SOMOMAR and KESTA in functioning.
To generate ideas and new products to developing for the Company.
To construct and to promote the internal training of the workers of the company.
To foment and to implement a system of management based on the quality and good practices.
To promote a new Image of the group KESTA-SOMOMAR and to give a major foreign projection.
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